Purse hooks are handbag accessories used to suspend your purse from a table top, and have been designed to make a really great impression, with crystals and chic designs. Sometimes you’re looking for that perfect Louis Vuitton bag accessory for that hard-to-shop for person in your life. Bear in mind not all purse hooks are created equal.  You may have found handbag hooks that look over-the-top and prefer something simpler.  You may also come across some that have workmanship that leaves something to be desired.  And when you’re looking for a gift to give to someone special, it’s important to give something of high-workmanship and aesthetic appeal. You want handbag hangers that will last, not just the test of time, but the more difficult test of fashion relevancy. Whether it is for someone else or yourself, a Louis Vuitton purse hook must last, just like your handbag.  You may have the most coveted, most chic handbag slung around your arm, but if its workmanship is shoddy and you have pieces of it falling off, its style will wear out very rapidly no matter how chic it is.  An important, and at times overlooked part of fashion involves the workmanship of a given dress, piece of jewelry, handbag or handbag accessory.  Purse hooks need to be physically reliable by design. Their functionality and aesthetic value go hand in hand because if one characteristic is missing, then what we have is most likely an unsuccessful handbag accessory.When your purse hooks securely holds your name brand purse and looks fantastic doing it, then we have success.  It’s the same principle with your outfit.  Let’s say you found the perfect dress for your next big outing with your date; you take it home, try it on, and conclude that you look excellent in it.  You go the event and have the time of your life.  Some of the reasons why is because not only did your dress look great, it functioned reliably (keeping you from falling victim to the dreaded wardrobe malfunction we sometimes see happen to celebrities at red carpet events) when you walked from your car to the venue, break it down on the dance floor, and stole away home at midnight in your Cinderella stagecoach like in a princess.  So when you’re in the market for a purse hook, make sure you look for two important things: the way it looks and the way it works. 

Louis Vuitton bag accessory - Purse Hooks Gifts For You and Friends


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